Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Whirlwind in Wonderland

WOW! What a show we just completed. For those of you who missed it, Mesela Studios presented their premier fashion show in Anchorage, Alaska entitled Midnight in Wonderland on May 22nd. I had written earlier about all the preparation that we were doing for the show and it all paid off on Saturday evening. Kristen Grimes was showcasing two of her collections. The first was a spring/summer accessories collection that included elaborate headpieces, belts, and neckwraps. The highly anticipated Alice in Wonderland holiday collection was certainly a crowd favorite. Inspired by seven of the main charactures of Alice in Wonderland with a feathery twist was a site to see.

Well it started with 3 sleepless nights where we named our team the "Mesela Zombies". By the time the show started I don't think anyone knew how they were still functioning anymore. On Saturday, we ran into a few bumps in the road, as all glorious events must, but overall the show turned out amazing! Here are some pictures for you to gaze at and feel like you were sitting front row at the show.