Monday, October 11, 2010

What happened to New York?

As most of you know, Mesela was geared up and ready to head to New York for Fashion Week for the Spring 2011 Season. We had taken a trip to NYC to finalize some plans and meet with several necessary businesses. We arrived in NYC at our loft in Brooklyn and hit the ground running. We had a photoshoot scheduled, business meeting planned, trips in NYC every day all of which was to be facilitated by my former Creative Director who lived several blocks from the loft we were staying in. Unfortunately we ended up going to the city on our own due to our creative directors personal family problems. Our photoshoot kept getting pushed back and we were not able to meet with any of the businesses we had been told we had meetings with. We spent the first several days in NYC waiting on our Creative Director. On about the 3rd day we had had enough and decided to go beat the streets and find our own way. We accomplished more in that day than we did in the first 3 days combined.After some very tired feet (I literally wore a hole in the bottom of my flip flops) and some crazy humid weather we were able to check off the majority of what was on our list. We also found a little time to squeeze in some site seeing including time square, a fabulous shopping trip at the biggest forever 21 I have ever seen in my life, attending the Gay Pride Festival, and checking off NY hotdogs and pizza on our list of MUST haves.

Unfortunately on the day before we left our Creative Director sent us an email saying that he intended on quitting at the end of the month. We were, understandably, incredibly frustrated with this new information as we had not done anything, other than a photo shoot, he had scheduled for us to do. He stated he would complete all that he had promised and with this information I met him on the streets of NYC to discuss things. After an almost immediate insult to Christina upon our meeting our voices became louder and our words less thoughtful. I was very hurt and very angry and unfortunately I ended up letting him have it in a crowd of people outside of the Hilton Garden Inn!!!

I do not feel bad about what I did, I do however, feel stupid for not seeing what was going on in the beginning. I feel hurt and awful that Christina had to listen to his horrible insults towards her. I feel sad and confused for Dave having to step in and tell him to stop yelling at me. This whole ordeal was an awful experience and one I will NEVER forget. I am grateful for the lessons learned, however, I had not let myself feel betrayed and hurt and so the process of moving on and moving forward was long. After realizing that all of my hopes and dreams had been ripped unceremoniously out from under me I basically shut down.

I apologize for my absence. I am slowly coming back to reality and I have put my hopes back in to showing in NYC this coming Spring for the Fall 2011 Season. I hope that you have not lost faith in me and I pray that I will come back smarter and stronger because of this experience. Thank you all for sticking by my side and supporting me through this difficult time. I wont forget it :)

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